About Us

What’s about Glorious, Here’s our Story.

Our Story

We started by creating plugins for our blog, which were our requirement at that time and there was no other alternative. We also created our own custom theme, and that’s where our audience started contacting us to get our products.

Hey there — I’m Niraj 👋

I started my journey as a blogger, then started developing plugins and theme for my blog. Then when my audience started contacting me for buy my themes or the plugin that’s when I jumped into freelancing.

Freelancing got me to know about the WordPress Plugins and Themes in deep, but when my customers started contacting me to customize my plugins as per my need. I found several customer had the same requirement.

So, I went to several WordCamps, meet with several developers and CEO who were running multi figure companies just on WordPress products and that when I got to know, that creating a plugin and supporting them is the right way to proceed.

On GloriousMotive, we have several partner sites which are all connected to the mother site “GloriousMotive”. Our team creates WordPress products that makes small business to compete with larger brands but also keeps in mind that its easy to setup and simple to use.

Why did we Build GloriousMotive?

We want our customers find easy to manage all their products that they have bought from us, also we want a seamless experience where the customer finds it simple and easy to download our products, get updates and also contacting customer support.

So we keep GloriousMotive’s security super tight and also our entire team is always available on GloriousMotive to support our customers, to update products and to help you.

This also makes it easy for you to download our products like:-

  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Kadence Starter Templates
  • Elementor Templates
  • Gutenberg Templates
  • Notion Templates

all in one place, under one roof, with 1 email and password.

Reason of Creating our Products

There are several WordPress products on the market, but why did we choose to create our own. We can use other products, Right!

Well most products packs all the features together. So even if you need only 1 feature or only 1 design element. You need to choose all the other features that comes with the theme or plugin. That’s when we feel the need of creating small and meaningful plugins.

Like if you need just about us page something like this, so would you buy an entire theme or just download the About Us template that you like and import it on your WordPress website.

That’s what we did.

We have created themes, templates and plugins that fulfill one specific need at a time. And I hope you would like it too.

So, Let’s make your website Glorious, with GloriousProducts.

Who’s in the Team

Glorious People behind Glorious Motive and Related Websites.

Niraj Kashyap

The Founder and CEO. The man who is behind every Glorious Products and Ideas

Basihali Gupta

COO and Idea Validator. She is the person who decides which feature need to be implemented.


Who doesn’t like support. She is the support head.


Meet the marketing expert, the person responsible for promoting the Glorious Products