Who’s behind

GloriousThemes.com is the property of Niraj Kashyap. The Project was started back in 2018 when I was blogging about WordPress and PageSpeed.

Most of the theme were heavy and bloated with several plugins that ruined the user experience and the page speed. So I started this project to make light weight websites that also focuses on beautiful UI and UX.

As I started my carrier as web designer, I look everything from the perspective of design and UX. Most of our works were limited to clients and freelance, but since 2021, we started focusing on products for mass market.

Kashyap Technologies is a web design and development company that focuses on ready made products – themes & templates for all types of platforms. We are proud to be on the market since 2018, bringing premium and free themes & templates to thousands of users. Niraj is the hero behind all that it makes things running!

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