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affiliate wordpress theme gloriousthemes
affiliate wordpress theme gloriousthemes
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affiliate wordpress theme gloriousthemes
affiliate wordpress theme gloriousthemes

Earn 30% from each sale!

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 Single LicenseDevelopers License
Theme Price$69.00$279.00
Commision Percentage40%40%
Commision You Get$27.60$111.60
Sales Per Day22
Your Monthly Income$27.60 x 2 x 30$111.60 x 2 x 30
Total (Every Month)$1,656.00$6,696.00


You Can

You Can't

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Affiliates who have sold more than $75000 in sales earn a commission of 50% and the commission keeps increasing to 55% as their performance increases It Means they earn more than we do for every sale. Isn't that interesting.

Single License Developers License
Theme Price $69.00 $279.00
Commision Percentage 55% 55%
Commision You Get $37.95 $153.45
Sales Per Day 2 2
Your Monthly Income $37.95 x 2 x 30 $153.45 x 2 x 30
Total (Every Month) $2,277.00 $9,207.00
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We Gift our Affiliates Bonus and Surprises. That's how we went from 20% to 40% for all our Affiliates. Our Top Affiliates earn near about 50% Commission.

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